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What happens if I complete this training?

Once you get to the last page, you will answer the 24 questions, and your answers will be scored (when you are ready to score them). A score will be shown to you, and you can choose to either send your score to any email address you enter, or you can go back into the training in order to improve your score. For example, if you get only 18 of the 24 questions correct, then you will be given a grade of 75% correct. If you want to improve your score (or if your agency insists you achieve a certain level of success, e.g., 80%) then you can correct your answers after you have revisited the material in the training related to the question(s) you missed. Once you click submit, however, your score will be emailed to you and BBBSA national headquarters. But your score will not be recorded until you enter your personal information (and email address) and submit the score.